Thursday, June 25, 2009

National Anthem: Part 3

I went to the final audition last night, and sang the whole (1st verse, really) "Star Spangled Banner" this time. There were 15 finalists, and some really strong competition. I, however, was not chosen as the "Idol" winner. I know, I know - write to your Congressman - it's out of my hands now. It would have been fun to win, but I still get free tickets to the event for being a finalist, so that's pretty cool. AND, I'm now free to do whatever I want that day, so bonus.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

National Anthem: Part 2

OK, so I went to the audition this past Saturday over in Tempe. Due to a somewhat late start and the fact that I was dragging all 4 of my kids with me, I arrived a little late - they had already signed everyone in and started the auditions. They still let me do mine, though. Ends up, there were only 24 total applicants, and I got #24. I think when we walked into the theater, they were on #18 already, so I didn't have long to wait - literally, we were in the theater for a total of 10 minutes! I felt like I kind of bombed the audition, though. See, each auditioner only got 30 seconds to strut their stuff (seriously, with a buzzing timer and everything), and supposedly you could sing ANY 30 second part of the song that you wished. When we arrived, I got to hear a few people go before me, and they all sang the same part of the Anthem - the ending ("...and the rocket's red glare, etc...). I had a starting note for the beginning of the song, but did not come prepared with a starting note for the big finale, so I was a little worried about that. I'm not sure if the group was actually instructed to only sing that portion of the song, or if all those people just chose to do the same part b/c that's where, supposedly, you voice can really shine, but I was a little nervous about starting cold at that point in the song. In hindsight, I should have just asked them when I got up there, but I decided to just go for it - and I started too low! I was able to carry it through, but I could immediately tell that this was not going to WOW anyone. The kids did great, though, and everyone was in love with the twins - partly b/c I had dressed them in their "Thing 1" and Thing 2" t-shirts, and partly b/c they're just so dang cute! At any rate, I got an email yesterday that I have been chosen as a TOP TEN FINALIST and will get to perform a 2nd audition - this time the whole song - next Wednesday, the 24th!! I feel confident that, given the entire song to work with, I can really show them what I've got. So, depending on how next week goes, we may, or may not, have new plans for July 4th. Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Anthem

OK, so I just registered to audition for the opportunity to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the City of Tempe July 4th Fireworks Festival. 1st round of auditions are this Saturday morning in Tempe. It's a little scary, as I'm doing this solo (not with the MC6 guys), primarily b/c half the group will be out of town on the 4th, and so it would be silly to involve them at this point. Plus, since I sing the lead on our arrangement anyway, I thought what the heck! I'll probably have to change the way I sing it somewhat, but I figure I can just belt it like normal. My audition is only for 30 seconds, and I can choose any 30-second portion of the song when it comes my turn. Any ideas as to whether I should do anything other than just start from the beginning?

I was just informed that there will only be 25 other people auditioning with me on Saturday morning, so I'm relieved. If there were going to be 800, like when we auditioned for the Phoenix Suns, then I was considering just not going down there at all, due to the hassle, and the fact that I'll have all 4 of my kids with me. But 25 - I can handle that. And, it gives me that much of a better chance to make it to the 2nd round of auditions in 2 weeks.