Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cookie Monsters

The other day, Melanie got all excited about using her new Bosch mixer, and she decided to make us some chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't think of any reason why she ought NOT to make said cookies, so I went along with it. Good call, Mel!

Logan enjoyed his cookies both inside and outside of his mouth! He's got a bit of that "Austin Powers/bad English teeth" look going on here.

Seth was equally thrilled.

Sure, Mom, I'll have another! Wait, perhaps I shouldn't. Well, OK. If you insist!
Kate gets a little wild-eyed when she eats sweets. Seth is posing.

Hyper? What's that?
All-in-all, cookies were a good idea, however, we did have a hard time getting everyone to go to bed that night, and I think I only got 1 cookie out of the whole batch! I'll have to have Melanie work the camera next time.