Sunday, November 2, 2008

MC6 - Christmas album

My singing group, MC6, is getting ready to release our 1st CD here in a couple of weeks. We have been working on this album for the past several months, spending many long nights in the studio either recording or mixing tracks. Currently, the album is at the mastering studio, then it goes to replication. We should have CDs in hand for sale by Thanksgiving, so we're very excited!

It is an album of Christmas tunes done in a cappella style - no instruments but our voices. Some tracks are classic, traditional holiday tunes, such as Away In a Manger, Sleigh Ride, and White Christmas; while others will be new to you, such as Candlesong and He Is Born. We actually have two versions of Away In a Manger on the CD - one is the traditional version you have heard before, while the other will knock your socks off!

These will be available for sale very soon. If you'd like a copy, let me know (through email or via Blogger), and we'll be sure to rush one out to you in time for the holidays.

For more information, see MC6's web site at


Here are some pics of the kiddos from Halloween. The twins were hilarious as they flatly refused to wear their "ghost" costumes, which were nothing more than a sheet with a hole cut in the top for their head. Simply did not want to do it, and that was that.

We did, however, have a practice run for Halloween the night before at our ward's Trunk-or-Treat party. The boys were adamant as ever that they were not going to wear those costumes, but once I got them into them and off to beg for candy they began to warm to the idea. After about 3-4 cars, they finally caught on, and the costumes were an afterthought! Logan looked at me as if to say, "Wow, you just go up to people and ask for candy, and they give it to you and tell you how cute you are?" What a concept!

On Halloween night, they, again, did not want to play dress-up, but once we forced them into their sheets and got them to approach a couple of houses, they were fine. Slow, but fine. Collin eventually got fed up with waiting for us (the twins, really) all night, so he took off with one of his friends and her dad to hit a different street super-speed style. Kate wouldn't go up to any house that had any kind of noise-making prop, which was just about every other house, so I spent a lot of time cajoling her into sneaking past the ghouls before they could get her.

Collin & Kate with our kickin' pumpkin!

Here are Kate, Collin, and Jelena (neighbor kid):

Kate looking super-spooky in her witch costume. Without her hat, though, people thought she was a "dead girl". Still spooky.

Seth the friendly ghost.

The brood. Kate is looking pretty scary!