Thursday, July 17, 2008

Independence Day

We had a fun July 4th this year. Rather than stick around the Phoenix area to roast and to sweat in the desert sun, we decided to head north. Now, when we finally left the house, at 12:30pm, the thermometer on the back patio read 112 degrees - in the shade, no less.

We drove 2 hours North-East, past Payson, up onto the Mogollon Rim. Thought we'd do some light hiking, soak up the cool mountain air, and then catch the fireworks in Payson before running home. When we got to the Rim, we could not believe the amazingly cool temps - probably mid-60s or so and wet. We got rained on several times off and on while we were up there. The hike didn't go so well as there was not a very good trail for the stroller, but we did find a great spot along the Rim View trail to see the sights.

After our hike, we went down to Payson, to the Layton's cabin (Melanie's Aunt & Uncle) for a BBQ, then to the fireworks show at the park in Payson. It was one of the best shows I've seen. It was set up around a small pond in the middle of the park, and the fireworks were literally exploding directly over our heads. Loud and brilliant, and loads of fun, even though it was drizzling the whole time.

Here are some pictures we took: